About Us


We are a small family company out of Jacksonville, FL on a mission to make natural healing mainstream! We are passionate about tea, healing, and helping people so that is exactly what we do: we specialize in handcrafted organic tea blends that are geared towards healing. Each tea is blended by hand to ensure equal distribution of ingredients, giving our consumers peace-of-mind that all of the healing benefits are consistent in each package! Together, this husband and wife duo make a great TEAm!



[This tea] has made such a difference in how I feel

“Their anTEA-inflammatory blend has made such a difference in how I feel. I’m truly grateful.”

-Yvonne H.

Better than Starbucks

“Ran the 5k today and decided to stop by and get some tea , this couple is awesome ! I love Starbucks hibiscus berry tea and they totally made me a custom tea that tastes even better and is ORGANIC and good for me. Thanks again you guys rock!! I’ll totally be ordering from y’all again!”

-Haley C.

Great folks with great products

“These are truly great folks with great products! I love all the health benefits that are included with their great tasting teas!”

-Joey M.

I was amazed! I will definitely buy again. Their vibe is amazing!

“I bought the nighTEA night, I drank it for the first time last night and I have to say OMG!!!!!! It worked almost instantly and on top of that, I slept like a baby! I was amazed! I will definitely buy again. It was so difficult for me to choose from all the variety they have!

Amazing business! My best wishes for you!!!

Also, when I bought my tea, for some reason I left the bag there and they were so great solving the issue. I was so embarrassed, but they were being so nice to me still!!!! Their vibe is amazing! Blessings!!!

-Natasha Y.

Both the tea and the tea bath are miracle workers in my life

Both the tea and the tea bath that I purchased are miracle workers in my life. I’m so glad I ran into these guys down in Jacksonville!! If you are even questioning on whether or not to purchase…do it. You won’t regret it.

– Megan L.

I’ll never go anywhere else!

“Tea Nation is the best!!! They make the most delicious custom teas and I’ll never go anywhere else! Thank you Sam and Kayla!”

-Taylor S.

These are beautiful, extremely flavorful organic teas

“Enjoying my first (and it will not be my last) delicious cup of anTEAoxidant green tea and I love this amazing blend with just a touch of local honey. These are beautiful, extremely flavorful organic teas. Bought four bags today to try so will have loose tea to get me through the holidays. Can’t wait to try the others.”

– Jane H.

[Their tea] is the best!

“My sister in law gave me some of their tea for Christmas. It is the best! It tastes so natural and fresh!”

– Sarah C.

Tea Nation has become one of my strongest allies!!

In my personal quest for more natural ways to beat caffeine addiction, lower blood pressure, and triumph over chronic insomnia Tea Nation have become one of my strongest allies!! Since Kayla worked with me to create a custom blend for energy, I don’t drink even a quarter of the caffeine I used to. The relaxing blend actually makes sure I fall asleep and STAY asleep for 6 straight hours! My stress levels are way down due to the balance that these two simple herbal teas have created within my physiology. Thank you is not enough…but I will continue to spread the word about the benefits that can be found at Tea Nation USA!

– Debi K.

Their bath teas are freaking awesome

“Their bath teas are freaking awesome. I’ve never been more relaxed after taking a bath.”

-Ashley B.

1. Delicious Teas 2. Packaged Perfect 3. Premium Herbal Blends

1. Delicious teas
2. Packaged perfect
3. Premium herbal blends

I purchased the Chakra Tea Set and have tried 2 of the teas, wonderful aromas and tastes. I have already recommended this set! I also got the Reindeer Kisses~ yum, seasonal tea. I went on the website today and wished I had picked up the Yule Log, but I think I have plenty of tea for now 

– Crystal O.

Simply Magical!

“I absolutely LOVE your Chakra teas! Simply magical!”

-Lori F.

Great tea hand blended by great folks!

Great tea hand blended by great folks! My daughter is just beginning to explore the world of teas, and the owners were super patient with her as she asked a hundred different questions while taking “sample sniffs” of just about every single blend they offered. She finally decided on the digesTEAve chai and after sharing a cup with her, all I can say is she better hide her tea from her momma! FANTASTIC!!!

I highly recommend seeking out Tea Nation at their next event and allow them to guide you on your tea exploration journey. You will not be disappointed.

– Jennifer L.

I loooove the nighTEA night tea!!

“I loooove the nighTEA night tea!! It honestly helps my mind and body calm down. I’m able to fall asleep and stay asleep longer than usual. I have a 3 year old that shares our bed and uses it to practice his night ninja moves!! I do wake up sometimes, but it’s easier to fall back asleep as well. The Throat Chakra tea also helps me a lot with allergy and cold times! I can’t wait to try my weighTEA green and liver TEA tox wellness teas (summer wine has been good!!) within the next few days!!”

-Natalie K.

The immuniTEA kept me from getting sick!

“This January was literally the first January of my life that I never once got any sort of cold or anything, and I’m 100% attributing that to bringing the immuniTEA to work with me everyday to drink throughout the day! (Also, it’s just my favorite blend of yours in general, so that’s a plus too!!)”

-Kim W.

The teas are fabulous and the customer service even better

The teas are fabulous and the customer service even better. I met them at a artisan fair and wanted to buy a Man Kit as a gift but they were sold out. They told me about another fair close to home in the near future and promised to save me one. When I got there my gift purchase was waiting for me. Thank you!!

– Laurie K.

Meet the TEAm

Kayla Taylor

Holistic Healer

Kayla, who has developed all of our recipes, is a Nutritional Therapist and holistic healer who has been making healing teas for roughly 15 years. After having heart surgery, Kayla turned to holistic healing and saw tremendous success, so she made the decision to commit to helping others take control of their own health. Her clients affectionately refer to her as the Tea Lady or Mrs. Tea.

In addition to running Tea Nation, Kayla also owns Way of Life Wellness, where she treats clients in the Jacksonville and Tallahassee areas using her expertise in Nutritional Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing, & Intuitive Counseling. To learn more about her healing services, visit www.wayoflifewellness.org

Sam Taylor

Production & Sales

Sam - a.k.a. Mr. Tea - puts his degree in marketing from Fordham University to work here at Tea Nation! He is our sales specialist in charge of making things go smoothly. He also manages production, a critical role, ensuring that we can deliver on the demand. With all that he does, he prefers the title: Director of Happiness because he's always making our team and our clients laugh.

Sam got into tea after meeting his wife, Kayla. Since then, he has been successfully managing his Lyme Disease and anxiety using Tea Nation's blends. He has seen first-hand how effective herbal medicine is and, being an avid learner, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the area.