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Leading Women in Business Interview

Check out our owner’s interview with Danielle Rivers of Rivers2Healthy! Danielle is a business leader in Jacksonville, FL in her own right and, in this video, she endorses Kayla in the 2018 Leading Women in Business Contest!

Help our owner win this coveted title by voting daily via this link. It takes less than thirty seconds and all you need is a Facebook account. You can vote from anywhere in the world once per day until March 31, 2018.

Thank you kindly for your support as we aim to grow Tea Nation into a household name!

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Chakra Teas! Interview on Xsintrik

Chakras are energy centers within and around our body. Each one corresponds to massive nerve centers and major organs as well as our spiritual and psychological states of being. We’ve created a line of teas that target the individual chakras to help bring them into balance. Check out Kayla’s interview on Xsintrik launching our Chakra Tea Set which contains each of the 7 Chakra Teas, a corresponding crystal, and a tea strainer!